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My greatest strength as a developer is also my greatest weakness. I have a tendency to want every detail to be perfect, a habit that can produce great results for a solution to a single problem. But I can get so lost in the details that I lose sight of the greater goal, such as checking off all the problems in an assignment, or realizing that if I don’t get the current problem, the next one is apt to teach me something I can use to refactor it.

In my short two weeks at the Flatiron school, I have made some good progress at softening this myopic tendency. This weekend is a good example of the yin and yang of my perfectionism. Saturday, I managed my study time without stellar expectations, and made a lot of progress on a number of assignments. A flow emerged, and solutions piggy-backed across topics.

Today, however, I got lost in trying to perfect the appearance of my student app. I made minimal progress doing that; as a tradeoff I only completed one of the major back-end challenges thus far. Comparing the two days is a great lesson. I am finding that time used wisely is often time used experimenting with multiple projects and without great expectations.


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