Git K-holes and Ruby flashcards

This is gonna be a short post because I have to watch The Walking Dead like two hours ago. Today I experienced the unholy treachery of figuring out what was wrong with my git. Simple solution was to install an SSH key, which worked, but then another issue reared its Medusa head: I had initialized a parent directory instead of the individual directories for each of my projects. So, with the help of Ashley, I de-initialized the parent and initialized the child. The good news was the staging and committing and pushing was all kosher. 

The rest of the day I made a bit of progress on Ruby, and reviewed everything I’d learned thus far re: basics, control flow, and loops & iterators. I also made flashcards of my fav examples from treehouse and code academy. Flash cards are time consuming, but they make me feel grounded. I can’t memorize this stuff without them, and I think that memorization will pay off when I’m writing more abstract code and don’t get distracted by looking up simple syntax

Tomorrow I will conquer Ruby hashes and symbols, make more flash cards, and review everything else Ruby again.


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