Day 1

Hello world, or should I say “farewell,” seeing as I’ll not be seeing much of it for the next few months. I’m okay with that. Really. I’m an introvert at heart, and one of the reasons I chose to become a developer is that it’s a suitable career for my ilk. I know, I know. The world has gone extrovert. I got the memo. I just think the font is too loud.

With that said, I actually liked the toss the ball exercise in class today? Yes. So there must be a kernel of truth to today’s zeitgeist (although I did have a minor panic attack that I would drop the ball like I used to in grade school ALL the time). Whatever. In short, the game is a great tool for getting people like me to interact in class.

I also decided to become a developer because I love to learn, and today I learned a lot! I started with some git review re: staging, committing and pushing, and I think I got the hang of it. Yay.

After, I moved on to Ruby, using Code Academy in conjunction with Treehouse so I don’t get bored. I covered the absolute basics and then moved on to control flow and loops (which i’m in the middle of). I pushed a lot of the work I did today to GitHub.

I still need to go back and work on the Skillshare website tutorial at some point. I’m super stoked about the git tutorial tomorrow. Great stuff.

Today’s notes:

  • irb
  • REPL – read evaluate print loop
  • subl hello.rb – sublime shortcut on command line
  • git add . — stages all files form current directory
  • Question: How do i avoid having to type my password every time i push to github?
  • everything in ruby is an object
  • a string is an object
  • you call a method on an object via .something
  • .length
  • ‘Christopher Haack’.reverse
  • puts ‘christopher haack’.upcase
  • puts ‘Christopher Haack’.downcase
  • # this is a comment
  • =begin
  • here is another demo
  • of a comment that spans two lines
  • =end
  • local variables start with lowercase and separated by underscores
  • first_name=’Chris’
  • string interpolation and replace the #{monkey} bit with the value of monkey
  • .capitalize! capitalizes the string in-place instead of making a copy. a lot of methods use !, but beware
  • until is the opposite of while

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